Survey Reveals Facilities Managers Wasting Up To A Day A Week On Equipment Management

A survey and whitepaper sponsored by HSS, the national supplier of tool and equipment hire, in association with the Facilities Management Association (FMA), has discovered that almost one third of Facilities Managers are spending almost a day a week on the management of their equipment. Launched today, the whitepaper based on the survey results, written by leading FM consultant and journalist, Martin Pickard, known to many as “The FM Guru” can be viewed online at

The survey, conducted amongst a sample of 330 Facilities Management (FM) professionals, working both in-house and for outsource specialists, found that:

* almost 30% of managers spent between 10% – 20% of their time on equipment matters.
* 81% report that margins fell in 2010
* 48% anticipate that the Public Sector Spending Review will have a negative impact on their business
* 40% report that equipment problems are responsible for service related issues in more than one out of five cases
* the economic environment is impacting on capital decisions with more than half of the survey respondents admitting to keeping kit beyond its useful life, with a quarter admitting losing productivity as a result of the age of their kit.

Other issues raised from this “groundbreaking” survey include 31.6% of respondents being worried about prosecution for non-compliance with health and safety legislation and a quarter reported that they could not prove their compliance with regulations. In terms of training, 90% reported their operatives had been trained to use the equipment but only 70% thought they could prove it through paperwork.

“The majority of FMs do see benefits in outsourcing with less than a quarter buying all of their own equipment,” writes Martin Pickard. “Despite this, equipment is still consuming a lot of management resource and equipment related issues are far too common. Equipment is being kept beyond its useful life as a result of the recession by those who have retained ownership while those that have outsourced have less exposure to the problems that creates.”

It is apparent from the whitepaper that for equipment outsourcers to be successful they have to demonstrate the ability to add value through specialist knowledge and technical innovation. Martin Pickard adds that solution driven commercial products are increasingly required by equipment users and that the most prudent facilities managers are those engaging successfully with leading equipment providers to develop new strategies in support of corporate objectives.

HSS works with many facilities management companies to deliver bespoke managed equipment plans through its “Outsource” service. HSS Outsource allows FMs to benefit from a move from fixed to variable costs, the minimisation of capital investment, equipment innovation and guaranteed compliance.

“The solution provides all the benefits of ownership with none of the responsibility,” says Chris Davies, HSS CEO. “It also provides a 24 hour helpdesk, advanced planned preventative maintenance regime, and the most rigorous reactive service delivered via our national network and maintenance staff. Most importantly however, Outsource provides an opportunity for facilities managers to only pay for what is in use, managing their costs efficiently in line with customer needs in challenging times.”

Martin Pickard concludes: “Emerging from a recession is a critical time for companies and it is at this time more than ever that management need to concentrate on their core business and proposition. Fixed costs and capital investment are unpopular with businesses under pressure. What could be more convenient than guaranteed availability of whatever kit you need, wherever you are and replaced with new or fully maintained equipment when you need it?”

The FM Whitepaper contains a wealth of information gained from the survey divided into five sections: Industry Outlook, Management of Equipment, Equipment Innovation and Replacement, Compliance and Training. You can view the complete white paper, Facilities management and facilities equipment, written by Martin Pickard (FBIFM) by clicking on the link -

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Formwor1 Systems Floor Creates Monolithic Ventilated Foundations In A Single Pour

Floor System, the combination of Modulo and formwork block, makes it possible to pour the foundation and the ground slab in a single operation, creating a monolithic structure that won’t crack. A ventilated and monolithic foundation grants high stability and load-bearing capacity, significantly reducing the risks of damage in the case of earthquakes.

A VENTILATED MONOLITHIC foundation is the solution that combines the advantages of a bloc structure and a ventilated one. The load is distributed uniformly and remains under the breaking limit. The greater distance from the point of force application decreases steel and slab stress

The 1st plastic formwork for round columns
Is the first reusable plastic formwork for round concrete columns A new concept versus disposable formworks1systems made of cardboard or other material: stripping is made quick and easy since no releasing agents are required, and it can be used over and over again, column after column. Is a complete formwork system for circular columns in any building type?

The forms can be carried by hand by a single person without the aid of a crane or of heavy lifting equipment. formwork1systems is a reusable formwork.

The smooth finish of the formwor1systems forms leaves a very good concrete finish. As the plastic surface does not require releasing agents, it leaves no blemishes or discoloring on the concrete.

After the pour clean the formwork from any concrete with a water jet, and after dismantling just cleanse the forming face with water. The forming parts are locked together by high-strength nylon fixing handles. A ventilated foundation is the only solution for ground moisture the soil is a heterogeneous blend of solid elements, water and air. Water is the element naturally most subject to fluctuations due to variable rainfall patterns, changes in water table level, evaporation and deep infiltration. Groundwater in direct contact with traditional foundations creates unhealthy conditions in the building: infiltrations, moisture, condensation and moulds and fungi; in extreme cases it can lead to the decay of timber structural elements.

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DIY Insulation Projects Could Save Over £2.5 Billion Pounds

The recent snowy weather in December and January this year has left a revealing picture. A quick glance during the snow at your neighbours roofs would tell you who has and who has not carried out loft or cavity wall insulation. Quite simply, if the snow has remained on your neighbours’ roofs then their house is well insulated and heat is not escaping. If the snow however has melted, then heat is escaping from their house – and this, Tool-Net claims, could be costing us dearly. Informed estimates have placed the potential savings to us as a nation at over £2.5 billion.

A recent survey has highlighted that possibly only half of Britain’s 26.5 million households have any form of loft insulation and even fewer (less than 40%) have their cavity wall’s insulated. With the potential collective savings estimation, this is one DIY project households should not be sleeping on.

Tool-Net, a leading online power tool supply store, expressed surprise that so few households had tackled this simple DIY project. In recent years, the customer base for has seen more and more DIY enthusiasts alongside the established customer base of trades people, using the site to source competitively priced power tools. It would seem, however, that mundane projects such as insulating a loft are not always the DIY enthusiast’s number one priority. Instead many are opting for more grandiose projects such as in-depth woodworking or building projects. Tool-Net claim they may be missing a trick. In the long run, some simple DIY tasks can end up saving the largest amount of money. offers over 6,500 power tools and power tool accessories giving consumers one of the widest choices available. Their comprehensive stock range includes saws, drills, grinders, nail guns, routers, sanders, lathes, nibblers, pressure washers and all types of power tools, fixings and consumables. Tool-Net stocks extensive product ranges from power tool brands such as Bosch, Fein, Makita, Rawl, Stil, Black & Decker, DeWalt and Hitachi.

A spokesperson from Tool-Net commented: “We have been surprised at the number of DIY enthusiasts rather than trades people who are now ordering power tools such as a Clarke Air Compressor rather than just a drill or saw. It means that people are increasingly confident enough to tackle complex DIY projects in their home. This is great – and we are happy to advise and support them. We’re just surprised that many people aren’t also doing the simple DIY projects, like loft insulation, that may not carry the kudos but can really make a saving and a difference.”

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Amongst Uncertain Weather, Stay Covered With The Help Of Brookes

January maybe nearly over but the unpredictable weather and cold conditions look here to stay, at least for the short term. Working amongst unpredictable weather isn’t always easy, though thanks to online workwear retailer, the task is made a bit more manageable., one of the uk’s leading quality discounted workwear suppliers, have a fantastic range of outdoor jackets and fleeces to suit any workforce. They can even be customised to feature your company’s logo too.

“Our selection of outdoor jackets are wide-ranging and suitable for anybody who works outside for any period of time,” said Ian Brookes, founder of

“We have worked hard to offer a collection from famous brands including Dickies, Craghoppers and Carhartt and they are proving popular.”

Available for both men and women and in a variety of colours, outdoor jackets at Brookes, like the rest of the Brookes catalogue which includes Carhartt trousers and Regatta walking boots, are also sold at wholesale prices.

“A jacket can be an important part of any workwear, especially when working outside, so it is important to get it right.”
“Our range of bodywarmers are bestsellers, as they are lightweight, fashionable and of course customisable, like the rest of our workwear range,” added Brookes.

Many brands and retailers adopt slogans, but’s “Making close personal” really is appropriate for this discounted retailer. Founder Ian Brookes has developed an embroidery service which has also proved popular with his loyal customers.

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