Tarps Now® Announces Release of Guide to the Best Uses of Vinyl Tarps

St. Joseph, Michigan, USA, 2022-May-23 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the release of a new informational guide focused on providing the marketplace clear guidance on the best applications for the best use of vinyl tarps and related industrial grade fabrics. The guide includes detailed information on the use of heavy duty material utilized for the manufacturing of vinyl tarps. By example, manufacturing techniques include the use of high density, cross woven polyethylene Terephthalate scrims coated with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film laminate which results in vinyl tarps that are 100 percent waterproof, as well as very strong, and long lasting.

Vinyl Tarps hold up amazingly to the harshest conditions and environments for the long haul. Most of these covers are included with strong grommets (eyelets) inserted in the hems and spaced evenly around the entire perimeter to be used to help safely tie down the tarps. Vinyl Tarps are secured to structures and other things with fastening items such as zip ties, bungee balls, rope and tarp straps.

Product variations include grading for light duty on up to super heavy duty vinyl tarp applications, plus a wide range of material weights, thicknesses, specialty features (such as fire retardant, anti-static), and a variety of common and effective colors including the very popular Clear Vinyl products. Vinyl Tarp product applications follow below:

Vinyl Tarps Related Product Information:


About Tarps Now®

Tarps Now® features an extensive online catalog of heavy duty tarps, canvas tarps, poly tarps, custom tarps, vinyl tarps and industrial divider curtains. As specialists in custom canvas and vinyl tarps, they are the low-price leaders in their category. The company offers the convenience of fast, easy, online ordering as well as a knowledgeable staff to guide customers through the specification process insuring their project will be completed on time and in budget. Tarps Now® has the experience and scale to insure customer specifications are carefully followed and expectations exceeded for every project, large or small.

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Tarps Now® Issues Guide Hurricane and Storm Disaster Recovery

St. Joseph, Michigan, USA, 2022-May-18 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — With the 2022 Hurricane season predicted to again be above average in terms frequency and intensity, Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the issuance of a new informational guide focused on the use specialty storm that are used in the context of disaster recovery.

The guide entitled “What are the Best Storm Tarps for 2022” is designed to help homeowners, businesses and governmental agencies select the types of tarps used to recover from the impact sustained from hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, high winds, lightening strikes, flooding and other forms of weather disasters.

Areas of focus include the use of light weight poly tarps, roofing tarps and hurricane mesh tarps for immediate external use applications following a disaster. Other tarps used in connection with such events include the use of drain tarps and debris lifting tarps, as well as heavy duty vinyl tarps for longer term recovery projects. Examples of product used for disaster recovery purposes are as follows:

Hurricane and Storm Tarps Product Information:


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Tarps Now Releases Guide for Use of Tarps on Boating Applications

St. Joseph, Michigan, USA, 2022-May-10 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the release of a new informational boating tarp guide designed to help consumers select the correct Marine grade tarp materials needed for use in Marine environments. Information focuses on the following boat tarp material segments:

Poly Tarps – Poly Tarps (also known as Plastic Tarps) are made with polyethylene compounds (PE) provide protection against rain, wind, sun, dirt, and bird droppings as well as resisting mildew, UV rays, tears and abrasion. Poly Tarps provides a wide range of features such as size, color (including clear), thickness, and options on some products such as reinforced and fire retardant. These can also be equipped with grommets (eyelets) spaced equally around the perimeter for easy and secure tying down of the covers.

Vinyl Tarps – Vinyl Tarps are available in products for light, medium, heavy, super heavy duty and are 100 percent waterproof together with protection from tears, abrasion, UV ray, liquids, grease, oil, acid, and mildew. Vinyl Tarps are offered in Clear Vinyl, fire retardant, coated, Neoprene and Hypalon materials with a wide spectrum of convenient sizes, thicknesses, material weights, and colors along with custom sizing options.

Waterproof Canvas Tarps – Waterproof Canvas Tarps are ideally suited for marine applications focused on covering boating gear, boat covers, boat awnings or custom boat Bimini coverings. These are crafted from a silicone coated polyester thread that provides a waterproof product that are “breathable”, allowing airflow and anti-condensation, as well as added protection from against ultraviolet radiation, mildew, rips and tears. Waterproof canvas is typically two to three times stronger than traditional canvas fabric, and also come in a number of popular colors, common sizes, many fitted with sturdy grommets for easy and secure tie down. Custom size and other options are also available too.

Marine Grade Canvas Tarps – Marine Grade Canvas Tarps are made with waterproof acrylic material paired with a range of vibrant colored fabric that help deflect harsh UV rays emitted from the sun. The Marine Canvas Tarps are available in number of common sizes as well special custom size manufacturing.

Camouflage Tarps – For the outdoor boating applications involving hunting, fishing, or photographing where camouflage is a necessity for the mission or you just like the aesthetics, Camouflage Tarps are available in a few Polyethylene and Vinyl sizes, material weights, and color pattern options.

Fabric by the Yard or Roll – For the do-it-yourself types most of the materials mentioned in the section (Poly, Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, Waterproof Canvas) are available by the Yard and Roll to be quickly shipped to your destination. These can be customized for almost any boating application.

Boat Tarps Product Information:


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Tarps Now Releases Definitive Guide to Use of Canvas Tarps

St. Joseph, Michigan, USA, 2022-May-08 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the release of a new informational circular which details the features and benefits found in the use of Canvas Tarps, as well as the different types of Canvas Tarp products available in the market. The circular also explores and explains why canvas is such a popular choice for both personal and commercial use. Information covered includes:

Waterproof Canvas Tarps – Canvas Tarps are often not only waterproof, but can also be “breathable”, so as to helping prevent condensation that can form underneath the cover and create moisture issues. Waterproof Canvas Tarps are also exceptionally resistant to UV rays, tears, abrasion, and mildew.

Water Resistant Canvas Tarps – Made from heavy duty duck canvas fabric, Water Resistant Canvas Tarps are administered with Canvak, a waxed paraffin treatment that delivers water and moisture resistance help to ensure that your supplies, equipment, and structures are dry and safe.

Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps – Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps help shield from combustible hazards these covers are resistant to UV rays, tears, abrasion, grease, acid, and mildew. Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps undergo testing and meet specific fire standards that include NFPA, CPAI-84, and the California State Fire Marshall.

Painters Tarps / Canvas Drop Cloths –Natural Canvas and Drop Cloth material is extremely reliable for the many jobs especially paint related jobs because of the tight weave of the cloth’s yarns prevents the paint from bleeding through the material.

Duck Canvas Tarps – These all-natural Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps are crafted with only 100 percent untreated cotton threads that are completely neutral creating both strength and breathability. These are ideal for applications in providing industrial equipment covers, dust covers, and long mural canvases.

Awning and Marine Canvas Tarps – The Awning and Marine Canvas Tarps are made with awning and marine grade canvas that is a dyed acrylic fabric to special colors and is 100 percent waterproof. This rather thick 20 Mil (0.020”) material is great for uses with awnings, home entrances, porches, patios, pergolas, docks, and boats along with other areas that require a quite decorative fabric that holds up strongly to the elements.

Canvas Bags – Canvas Bags help contractors such as roofers, plumbers, painters, carpenters, and electricians conveniently carry their work “things” to and from the job. Canvas Bags are created with handles that are configured from high quality seat belt webbing or as cord lock drawstrings that are fitted on the medium-weight versions.

Canvas Fabric by the Yard and Roll – Canvas fabrics include Waterproof Canvas, Natural Duck Canvas, Untreated Natural Canvas, and Fire Retardant Fabric are readily available. Canvas Fabric by the Yard and Roll for your specific need.

Canvas Tarps Product Information:


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