Industrial Fabrics Manufacturer Tarps Now Provides Disaster Recovery Products to Nation

St. Joseph, Michigan, 2020-Jun-25 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — With the surge in COVID-19 victims surging throughout the Southeastern United States, Industrial Fabrics Manufacturer Tarps Now has seen a dramatic increase in open interest in its COVID-19 Protective Products and storm focused Disaster Recovery Tarp Products that help mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, together with products and materials typically sought out in the wake of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Noting the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially began in June of this year Tarps Now confirms that it’s already been a busy summer helping its customers with materials used to help isolate airspace, as well as a wide range of advance stocking activities taken in anticipation of forecast tropical storms and major hurricanes. Noting newly emerging COVID-19 emerging “hot spots”, the urgency felt by many consumers has been stoked by weather experts predicting an above average hurricane season that’s expected to be 30% more active than normal, with as many as 16 named storms possibly making landfall in states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

With these trends in place, many customers anticipate new state orders to “shelter at home”, with others especially concerned with the potential need to evacuate in the event of a major storm or hurricane. Especially so, if storm evacuation orders result in family members taking shelter with relatives or in public storm shelter forcing close proximity to persons representing a potential infection risk.

As a result of these conditions, consumers are aggressively stocking up on plastic sheeting materials that can be used to create air barriers which can be used to slow the virus laden air flows. Others are stockpiling supplies that help with rapid disaster recovery following major tropical storms and hurricanes.

Disaster Recovery Products:

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Tarps Now Announces Joins Fight Against COVID-19 as Response Supplier

St. Joseph, Michigan, USA, 2020-Jun-12 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — Firm expands efforts against Coronavirus Pandemic as Validated Thomas COVID-19 Response Supplier.

Tarps Now® is pleased to announce it has joined Thomas for Industry in its efforts to mobilize manufacturers and fulfill demand for critical products and services fighting the COVID-19 crisis. As a validated COVID-19 Supplier, Tarps Now® is helping to mobilize and provide availability of plastic and vinyl sheeting products and materials used to protect of essential workers with protective materials and barriers that help mitigate Coronavirus transmission.

Evidencing the beneficial use of barriers in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, the Journal of the American Medical Association recently published an article detailing the many advantages of clear plastic face covers. The benefits discussed included being able to use clear plastic nearly indefinitely, easily disinfected, with protection viral portal entry in areas such as the mouth, nose and eyes, reducing immediate viral exposure by 96 percent. In addition, clear plastic shields also helped prevent wearers from touching their own faces. In short, clear plastic used as a safeguard illustrates the benefits of using clear plastics or vinyl to inhibit COVID-19 virus transmission.

By extension, Tarps Now® provides clear vinyl and other materials that help create physical barriers to virus transmission at critical points of contact. The most popular material used in the fight again COVID-19 is clear vinyl. Clear vinyl is resilient, light weight and easy to work with in creating social distancing. Frequent selections include the use of Clear Vinyl Tarps, Clear Vinyl Curtains, and Clear Vinyl Fabric by the Yard and Roll in an assortment of sizes, grades and thicknesses, as well as track and hardware to lay out, hang and move vinyl barrier curtains.

Clear vinyl material is also used in a wide range of applications in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19, including clear panels, vinyl sheets, and clear vinyl strip curtains and curtain barriers. This approach helps create intuitive social distancing areas in a wide variety of public settings, such as healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and service industries, as well as in public use settings. Examples of Tarps Now® line up of application solutions are detailed below:

COVID-19 Clear Vinyl Applications

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Forecasts Predict 6 Major Hurricane Systems for 2020

St. Joseph, Michigan, USA, 2020-Jun-03 — /EPR CONSTRUCTION NEWS/ — Hurricane season for 2020 NOAA forecast estimates six (6) major hurricanes, verses a historical average of three (3) major hurricanes in a given season. This forecast has prompted aggressive stockpiling of hurricane tarps, debris tarps, salvage tarps and large quantities of plastic sheeting materials.

As a result of these conditions, Tarps Now® has noted a significant uptick in purchasing by consumers, municipalities, non-profit organizations and businesses who are preparing by stockpiling hurricane tarps, roofing tarps, mesh tarps, debris lifting tarps and tarp fabrics in preparation for disaster recovery. Tarps are often used to immediately cover damaged roofing areas, broken windows and doors, as well as used to move debris, provide for water capture, sunscreen and shade, debris lifting, protective coverings and many other uses that protect homes, businesses, livestock and pets following hurricanes and tropical storms.

Noting the dramatic changes in weather closely linked to climate change, Tarps Now® has focused on providing protective tarps and coverings critical to hurricanes and tropical storms common to the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard. In addition, Tarps Now® also custom fabricates tarps prefabricated for mitigating damage to homes and other outdoor structures. The company also encourages the use of protective mesh tarp coverings that come in a wide range of different screen factors, weights, fabric grades and colors that are specifically engineered to deliver varying levels of UV protection and wind resistance, depending on the selected material and design, to better support evaporation.

Tarps Now® Recommended Hurricane and Storm Recovery Products:

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