Tool-NET Trims Down Essential Garden-Strimming Considerations

The online power-tool superstore Tool-NET today claimed that there has never been a greater choice of strimmers available for customers on its site. With an ever-expanding range of strimmers on the market, Tool-NET has trimmed down the attributes of all its strimmers to offer its customers the most essential points to consider when selecting a strimmer.

A Tool-NET spokesperson commented that, “It is important that customers not only hunt down a good deal on price but also make sure they choose a strimmer model that is suitable for the jobs they have in mind”.

Tool-NET’s four essential considerations for selecting the right strimmer are: the cutting width, nylon-cord features, adjustability for comfort, and power source.

The cutting width is important because for jobs such as cutting down large overgrown areas you need greater width, whereas for precision finishing jobs, less width gives you the precision and flexibility you require. The true perfectionist should also look for a rotating head for those delicate finishing jobs.

The nylon cord is what will do the cutting. It spins at high speed and slices through the grass. If you need the strimmer to cut through thick overgrown grass and weeds, look for a model that has a double cord for the extra strength and power that this offers. Many models now feature automatic cord feeds, which mean you do not have to manually feed the cord each time it breaks – a useful time-saving device.

Height and weight are the main comfort considerations. If you are intending to be using the strimmer for long periods of time, or have back problems, think carefully about comfort. Adjustable, ergonomically designed handles are a must, and wrist supports a useful adjunct.

The weight of your strimmer is mainly determined by its power source, and there are three options here: electricity, petrol or rechargeable battery. Electric strimmers are cleaner to run than petrol ones and much easier to maintain. In addition, they are light and very easy to use. However, they do need to be near a power supply, which limits their range, and that trailing electric cord can become annoying. Petrol strimmers are favoured by professionals for offering greater power, longevity and the freedom to roam. They do, however, require regular maintenance and are heavier, noisier and smoky. If customers have a large tract of land, a petrol strimmer is strongly advised. Battery strimmers, by contrast, are only really suited to small areas and finishing jobs. They too allow you to roam free, but they only offer about 30 minutes’ battery time per charge. They are delightfully light, but not very powerful.

Taking into account these four essential points, ToolNet suggests that customers will be able to choose the right strimmer for their needs. With a hot summer forecast and more of us spending time in the garden, there has never been a better time to ensure we have the right tool for the job.

Via EPR Network
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